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Client: Children’s Cancer Institute
Purpose, Strategy, Concept, Identity, Digitial, Print

Childhood cancer affects more than 600 children in Australia every year and every week, three children die. In the face of such a complex and devastating disease, Children’s Cancer Institute was ready to draw a line in the sand.

The Brief

In a complex and emotionally dense charity landscape, scientific research organisation, Children’s Cancer Institute came to us seeking an increased profile and to double their fundraising efforts via a fresh and differentiated brand.


A highly regarded 30-year-old organisation with an impressive history of scientific breakthroughs, Children’s Cancer Institute needed to translate the success and passion within their work to an oblivious consumer audience.

With their passion and focus being 100% on childhood cancer, the nature of the cause and the ability to have a tangible impact was a powerful story to tell. This, coupled with the total confidence that the end to childhood cancer was within their reach, became the strategic anchor for the institute.

Put simply, Children’s Cancer Institute believed in Success. Nothing less. Period.

In order to communicate this unwavering determination, we needed to ‘open the lab door’ and challenge the common stereotypes of scientific research while balancing the human attributes of the organisation.

The new brand shows that success is cumulative. Success is a journey. And, most importantly, success is not a miracle. It is the result of some seriously amazing scientific research.

'Purpose has improved cohesion within our organisation and across our stakeholders—from the researchers, to the fundraisers, to the Board Members—we are now all united behind one focus with an articulated brand purpose and creative treatment that will be a turning point in our future success'

Anne Johnston
Head of Fundraising at Children's Cancer Institute

The Result

Singing from the same song sheet

For the first time, Children’s Cancer Institute was able to stand behind one inspiring and motivating purpose, unifying and energising all areas of the organisation.

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