April 10

Perseverance, passion and personal value: codifying and commercialising the pursuit of purpose

The conversation about finding purpose isn’t a new one—as long as there have been people there’s been the search for purpose.

However, from a commercial perspective this fringe movement is steadily and becoming a mainstream imperative.

Welcome to the purpose economy.

In Aaron Hurst’s new book ‘The Purpose Economy’, he investigates this shift and the motivations that drive it. “The definition and nature of purpose is often misunderstood,” Aaron says, but to understand the purpose economy one must look at the three core categories of personal, social and societal purpose that the movement addresses.

Ultimately, he says, “purpose comes when we know we have done something that we believe matters--to others, to society, and to ourselves.”

To read more, check out the Purpose Economy book and Portraits of the Purpose Economy at Purposeeconomy.com

Image source: http://purposeeconomy.com